Nexus 4 has an Audio bug, a buzzing sound in earpiece during calls


If the fragile nature of the glass on the Nexus 4’s front and back wasn’t enough, some users are reporting another problem with Google’s affordable Android 4.2 flagship smartphone. A few users on Google’s Android Project site are reporting that the earpiece on the phone makes faint buzzing and clicking noises when it is placed close to the ear (less 5″ away).

The main issue here is that the noise is present even when there is no call active on the device and can also be heard when one puts an ear to the camera on the back, which according to one user might be a shielding issue. The issue exists as long as one keeps the screen on, which points a huge finger towards a hardware issue which may not be fixable by a software update.

The issue has been starred 74 times as of the time of this article, and despite the low cost of the beastly smartphone, such hardware issues might not sit well with the customers, specially after the $200 Nexus 7 has already been through quite a few hardware issues, including screen separation and backlight bleeding. Also, if you consider the 600 Euros retail price of the phone, such issues become a much bigger matter of concern and might make people point a finger at LG’s manufacturing quality, which is something the Korean company wouldn’t want.

Does any of you have this problem on your Nexus 4? If yes, then it would be a good idea to voice your concern over at the Google issues page (the source link). Hopefully Google is on the case and looking for the cause of the problem.

Via: Phandroid | Source: Android Project

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