Nexus 4 Google Play page directing users to T-Mobile website; Sold Out at both places though

Google Play Nexus 4 sold out

And the scramble for Google’s latest addition to the Nexus smartphone lineup, the LG Nexus 4 continues. Its been a week since the Nexus 4 was made available for purchase in select countries through the Google Play Store, and it was already showing a Sold Out status since a couple of days now. Turns out there is another interesting twist that has made its way to the Nexus 4 purchase page on Google Play.

While the Nexus 4 page on Google Play is showing it as sold out for both, the 8GB as well as the 16GB versions, Google Play is listing a Special Offer from T-Mobile on its own page. Clicking the link takes you to the official T-Mobile purchase page. Though T-Mobile had been chosen as a preferred launch partner for the Nexus 4, it still appears rather weird that Google is driving traffic away from its own buy page to that of T-Mobile.

Not that it matters anyway, as this is what you see when you reach there:

So if you’ve been desperately looking for a window to order the newest piece of tech, and have stopped caring whether you get it contract-free from Google Play, or with the 2-year lock-in from TMO, it looks like you’re still out of luck and would have it to wait it out till it is back in stock at either place. And with the current demand for the device, you’re gonna have to make some fast moves the moment it’s back in stock at either venue.

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