Nexus 4 Firmware now available online


The LG Nexus 4 may still be a few days away from release, but we have already seen its entire system image get leaked, allowing us to grab Android 4.2 goodies like the new wallpapers, ringtones, Swype-like keyboard, Gmail app with pinch to zoom functionality, and more. XDA member foil has now gotten hold of the entire firmware of the Nexus 4, and has uploaded it online for the whole Android community.

The device hasn’t been released yet, so there is no way of knowing whether these firmware are final versions of the software or beta versions, and might not have all the necessary components included for reverting a Nexus 4 back to stock. For now, only the USA firmware has been released by foil, with firmware for Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, France, and Australia apparently coming soon. Google is sure to release official firmware images when the device releases though, so these firmware are mainly useful for developers for now, for extracting even more goodies and information about the Nexus 4.

Head to the source page below to download the Nexus 4 firmware. Not that the firmware will work on another device, but still, don’t try it out!

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