New TouchWiz 4 (TW4) Launcher available for Galaxy S2 i9100


Epic 4G Touch TW4

Galaxy S2 entered the US soil yesterday launching on Sprint network as Epic Touch 4G with slightly different specs than the worldwide version, i9100. It even got new launcher, which is still called TouchWiz 4.0 but it has one new feature which we would definitely love for our Galaxy S2 too. It’s ability to sort apps alphabetically in app drawer in grid view.  See the image at top!

Here’s how your Galaxy S2 — international version, i9100 — can get it too:

  1. Download Epic 4G Touch’s TouchWiz 4 (TW4) .apk file. Now, transfer it to your sd card of your Galaxy S2.
  2. Open “My Files” app or any other file browser and go to the folder where the above .apk file is and tap on it to begin installation. It will not take long before you’ve that new feature.
  3. For that new feature that allows you to sort apps alphabetically in Grid Layout, open App Drawer and then press menu key to find that option.

That’s it.

Thanks to zokawkish at XDA for this!

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  • Zpan

    would this work on the SGS ?

    • Kapil

      There is separate one for galaxy s i9000. It’s published too.

  • Sachin Kumar Rajput

    It says “Application Not Installed”, What’s the issue? :-/

  • Sachin Kumar Rajput

    It says “Application Not Installed”, What’s the issue? :-/Screen attached….

  • Ghost Bhoot2k

    4.5 is far better…….