New Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for HTC Sensation — Extreme Sensation!


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  • FrancoMurru

    Is it safe for HTC Sensation Xe? please I need an answer as soon as possible…thanks

    • Kapil

      Post updated with new links and instructions.. should be helpful.

      • FrancoMurru

        Is it safe?? for Htc Sensation Xe…Yes or no…..this is what I would like to ear….you mention Htc Sensation only ….what about the Sensation Xe…..thanks

        • Kapil


          But install the right firmware (3.32) first, one meant for Sensation XE, from post no. 2 at the page linked in step 1.

          • FrancoMurru

            Thank you…I don’t know if I’m going to install it…the reason is that I received the Ice Cream Sandwich from the Carrier ..and .is perfect..I would say fantastic! If I do the root .what I’m going to gain anyway? Ok the Overclock, the Rom Manager, the Titanium Backup and bla bla but….what’s the risk?I know that with custom rom’s you going to get something that won’t could be a ..bluetooth,or Wifi, camera, multitasking,or the video I had root in the past on Htc Hero but that was long time ago ( average experience anyway)
            …. I have also an iPhone 4with Jailbreak, this is a completely another world I know the satisfaction I have with the device is amazing…it just works…a great fight anyway I love both. Ciao…I’ll let you know!

  • W1564zk

    Hi, tried this process, but after adding the “3.24 revolutionary firmware” my phone won’t boot, it just keeps cycling through the intro HTC screen. If I launch into bootloader, I can’t do anything but “start update yes/no” after the update I can only reboot. Any ideas? I have made a backup but I can’t get past the boot screen. Any way to disable the update so I can choos recovery?

  • Rahul Gupta

    My battery life is decreased after installing this ROM. Please tell me some tips what to do…

    • HTCdude

      Try turning off auto updates and googles location background running services. it saved my battery and actually lasts longer now than my old rom. im happy.

      • Oisindubh

        Done all that and battery decreasing in life almost as I watch
        Any other hints- it says 77% battery use is screen – I have put it as dark as poss to still allow me to read it