Network Speed Android App: Checking Download and Upload Speeds with Graphs is Possible now, even on a Mobile Phone!


Network Speed

Ever wanted to check how fast your internet connection is? And find out the reality of the huge claims made by the ISP about download speeds. Well, now you can keep an eye on the download and upload speeds of your internet connection, whether it’s WiFi or 3G on your Droid or the 4G (if you hold either of Samsung Epic or HTC EVO).

Well, it wouldn’t be easy, save for the great utility android application, Network Speed, that does the beautiful job painlessly and is is available for free on the android market. Grab your copy application now!


  • Shows the download and upload speeds in the navigation bar — really good for a quick lookup, just pull the navigation bar of your android phone down to view the current speed
  • Speeds are updated and shown for each second, which is really cool and many apps lack this feature. We just love this!
  • Bifurcates the connection into WiFi and 3G/2G, as applicable for the current connection
  • Graph shows the speeds for the last 60 seconds or say, 1 minute — to view graph, open the app or click from navigation bar after pulling it down
  • Totals of the data used, both on WiFi and 3G/2G, are also tracked and available to monitor usage
  • Must have app for geeks who love their internet connection and freak to track download speeds. Are you also the one?

Get this mobile software for your Google phone from the android market for FREE.

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  1. nok2626 says:

    Yo.. this app is no longer exists in the world wide web. Both market link and developer site link not working. Could u suggest a similar app for Android 2.2

  2. Nok2626 says:

    Oops, the I got the app using the qr code. The actual market url is:

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