MyTouch & MyTouch Q make their official debut on T-mobile


A few days back we had seen the myTouch and myTouch Q listed on T-mobile’s coming soon list. These devices are manufactured by LG got official stamped by T-Mobile as the carrier announced them today.

Both these devices have same features like single-core 1GHz processor and Android Gingerbread OS, the only¬†difference between is that the myTouch has a 3.8-inch touchscreen while the myTouch Q has a 3.5-inch touchscreen with an additional qwerty keypad. These devices also feature a 5MP camera with 720p HD recording, and while the LG myTouch will also have a front facing camera, the LG myTouch Q won’t have it.

The release dates and the pricing is still unknown but we except a release by mid-November.

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