Multi-funtional Tool for Motorola Xoom – Lord AIO Tool


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  • Nick J

    The tool looks
    well put together.

    Although I could use some help restoring my Model Xoom FE MZ505, I don’t have
    the original image and don’t know where to get it.

    I appreciate any help, Thanks in advance

  • Wolfsstolz

    it dosnt work for me, Problem is (i hope i can write it in English) main Struktur is diferrent on Android 3 and 4! I dont understand why google make that shit! ICS dont can find my SD Card (cant aktivate it in System) Many ROMS work with aktivate but Problem is with root, you can now aktivate SD Card under MNT/external1 but when you will flash it, System cant find apps clockworkmod and other shit

  • Smeggy Stinkfinger

    How long can it take to detect the devices? It’s been searching for 2 minutes for my Xoom and nada :(

    • George-t-hoa

      please let me know i am here with a bricked xoom and the thing is still detecting thedevice

  • Jaw7352

    After I complete the operation on my xoom and press volume up, I get a operation aborted error x043004