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  • 4.How To Use Lord AIO Tool with the Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom owners, here’s something that will brighten up your day, and get those rooting enzymes flowing. XDA member XxLordxX has released an all-in-one utility tool which enables you to perform various hacks on your Xoom through an easy-to-use interface. All you need to do is to select your option in a DOS window via entering the number that corresponds to the action, and hit enter. It’s as easy as that. The tool also includes the required adb and fastboot files, so you don’t need to set that up separately. Plus you don’t need to tinker with long adb commands that give you the jitters.

The Lord AIO tool allows you to root, unroot, install Clockworkmod Recovery or CWM, lock or unlock the bootloader, backup your device, restore device, install apps, and even includes an Unbrick option. There is also a dual recovery feature included, which is still undergoing some development, but with the bunch of other features available within one tool.


The methods and procedures discussed here are considered risky and you should not attempt anything if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. If any damage occurs to you or your device, including a bricked, non-functional device, we won’t be held liable. You have been forewarned!


This tool and the guide below are compatible only with the Motorola Xoom and devices listed on the official development page. It’s not compatible with any other device. So, be sure to try this only on a compatible device.

Tool Info

Developer: XxLordxX


1.Complete Backup Tool
2.Bootloader Unlocker Tool
3.Bootloader Locker Tool
4.Install CWM
5.Restore Tool
6.Root Tool
7.Unroot Tool
8.App Install
9.Unbrick Xoom Tool
10.Dual Recovery Tool (Messed up! So not working!)

Compatibility of tools

1 – Universal
2 – Xoom/And (need test) “fastboot oem unlock” devices
3 – Xoom/And (need test) “fastboot oem lock” devices
4 – Xoom/X10 Mini/Pro
5 – Universal
6 – Xoom/SE2011Series/SuperOneClick rootable devices
7 – Xoom/Super One Click Rootlable Devices
8 – Universal
9 – Xoom
10 – Xoom


How To Use Lord AIO Tool with the Motorola Xoom

  1. Download the Lord AIO tool from the official development page
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file to the C:/ drive on your PC. It should give you a folder called LAIOT.
  3. Open the LAIOT folder. You should see something like the screenshot below
  4. Now connect your Motorola Xoom to your PC. In case you have an issue, make sure you have the right drivers installed. Get them here
  5. Now go back to the LAIOT folder, and double click the “LordAIOTool.bat” file. It should open up a DOS prompt like in the pic below
  6. It will ask you to hit enter once, and check if you have all the components necessary for the tool to function. After the check is done, it will ask you to hit enter again. Check screenshot below
  7. This should bring up the AIO menu. Hit enter again. LAIOT will automatically detect your device (indicated by the alphanumeric string of characters under List of Devices attached) and ask you to hit enter again. Check screenshot
  8. Once you hit enter, you should be presented with a bunch of options to choose from. Just type the number corresponding to the function you want to execute and hit enter. For example, if you want to root your device, just type 3, and hit Enter. Check screenshot below
  9. That’s it. Execute the action you want by entering the corresponding number, and follow the  subsequent on-screen instructions.

If you like this tool, you can thank the developer by visiting the official development page. If you face any issues while using this tool, or just want to share your thoughts or experience with us, give us a hoot in comments below.

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  1. Jaw7352 says: Reply

    After I complete the operation on my xoom and press volume up, I get a operation aborted error x043004

  2. Smeggy Stinkfinger says: Reply

    How long can it take to detect the devices? It’s been searching for 2 minutes for my Xoom and nada 🙁

    1. George-t-hoa says: Reply

      please let me know i am here with a bricked xoom and the thing is still detecting thedevice

  3. Wolfsstolz says: Reply

    it dosnt work for me, Problem is (i hope i can write it in English) main Struktur is diferrent on Android 3 and 4! I dont understand why google make that shit! ICS dont can find my SD Card (cant aktivate it in System) Many ROMS work with aktivate but Problem is with root, you can now aktivate SD Card under MNT/external1 but when you will flash it, System cant find apps clockworkmod and other shit

  4. Nick J says: Reply

    The tool looks
    well put together.

    Although I could use some help restoring my Model Xoom FE MZ505, I don’t have
    the original image and don’t know where to get it.

    I appreciate any help, Thanks in advance

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