Mozilla Boot To Gecko (B2G) OS Ported to Galaxy S2 i9100


Everyone is trying to make an OS of their own and unleash them on phones all around the world. Samsung came up with Bada, then announced that they would be moving to or perhaps combining it with the new Tizen OS by the Linux foundation. Even Canonical is aiming to hit the mobile market with their mobile version of Ubuntu.

Mozilla, the makers of the (in)famous Firefox browser also came up with a new OS aimed at mobile devices, the Boot to Gecko (B2G) OS.¬†Based on Linux and influenced by Google’s Chrome OS, B2G OS has Android at its core and is Mozilla’s attempt at capturing the mobile market, though it has very little of Android and doesn’t run native Android apps. It is touted as a cloud OS for mobile devices, using the HTML5 language for native apps.

Samsung Galaxy S2 owners can now try out the Boot to Gecko OS on their phones, thanks to a port by XDA developer¬†pulser_g2. It’s in its early stages at this point and is not considered suitable for everyday use as yet, but things like the camera, audio, wifi, and video are already working. If all goes well, we might see more and more stable versions released as time goes by.

If you’re excited (I’m pretty sure you are) and want to try it out, head on over to the original development thread on XDA to take it for a spin and to get further updates and developments on the port. Share your experience with us in the comments.

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