Motorola XOOM UK Price Leaks for Wi-Fi only Model

Xoom UK Wi-Fi only

World’s first Honeycomb tablet, Motorola Xoom, looks set for UK launch as the price of its its Wi-Fi only model just got leaked today. £449.99, which is around 730 US dollars, is what we’re hearing the price to be (check out the above pic from PC World page as proof sort of stuff, and yeah, it’s no longer available for you to get eye-candy). The price of the Xoom has been smartly laid down to compete with the iPad’s Wi-Fi only version with 16 GB of storage. Obviously, Xoom’s a prettier option — with hell lot of features than iPad and more so, with Android 3.0 in there — but with iPad 2 around the corner, we don’t expect many users to rub their credit card for Xoom just now. Wait and watch for a couple of days (or weeks) is what many of Brits would want to, and it’s fair too.

Via Phandroid

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