Motorola sends soak test invites for Atrix HD, could be Android 4.1 Jelly Bean


Motorola has been doing well with their new game plan to update their devices quickly and as soon as possible, starting with the RAZR M which was updated to Android 4.1 within two months of the device’s launch. Now it seems that ATRIX HD owners may be next in line, as members of the Motorola Feedback Network have been invited to a soak test.

Soak tests are Motorola’s way of testing new software updates on devices of a few select customers, which are then rolled out once all problems are resolved. However, soak tests happen for every update, minor or major, so this might not exactly be for Jelly Bean, but here’s hoping it is and ATRIX HD owners are able to enjoy the fastest flavour of Android yet.

The fact that both the RAZR M and the ATRIX HD sport many of the same internals also bodes well for the chances that Motorola is indeed testing Android 4.1 on the device, but again, it remains to be seen what happens, as Motorola probably is focusing on better selling devices like the RAZR HD at this point, which incidentally also sports similar specs to the RAZR M.

We’ll update you guys with further information on this. Motorola’s focus on better customer support is no doubt something the company is taking seriously, so don’t be at all surprised if this does turn out to be Android 4.1.

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