Motorola Razr Gets Ice Cream Sandwich Firmware Leaked. Here’s How You Can Install it.


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  • AMIR

    iam getting error while updating
    assert failed:file_getprop(“/system /build.prop”, “ro,build fingerprint”)==MOTO/XT910_RTBG/umts_Spyder:2.3.6/6.5.1-167_SPU-15M2/1326788504:user/realse-Keys|| File_getprop(“/system/build.prop”. “ro build ,Fingerprint”)==MOTO/XT910_RTGB/umts_Spyder:4.0.3/6.E:Error in /tmp/sideupload/
    (status 7)Installation aborted.
    pls send me solution

  • Sasha Belov

    if i can install this on 65.1.40.xt910.retail.en.IL

  • Sascha Bernshausen

    Hi I have a question, does the Phone still have Motoblur after the update?

  • Sascha Bernshausen

    Do i still have Motoblur after i update?

  • hiden

    i have updated my motorola razr xt910 to ICS and i got only i good thing and that was improved camera quality..all other were worse.. after updating i was not able to open any flash video, most of the applications ( were good running with my previous version) were closing themselves when i try to use. mobile started hanging. when i contact motorola they said they don’t know anything about ICS for razr XT910. Android is also silent, no one is showing genuine ICS For motorola razr XT910 released or not. news is about Leaked version only.(with a warning )….i downgraded again to GB…happy with it…

  • ksplcool

    i am getting the same error 7 and its aborted

  • Alex Berua

    sorry also does your device need to be rooted for this to work?

  • Alex Berua

    Please can you let me know if i can install this on 65.1.40.XT910.MERetail.en.06 BNum: 6.5.1-167-SPD-IRD-40 it i a GSM version of the phone in south africa. Great post, just love to know if it work for me.

  • Jehnavi

    The phone is loaded with TI OMAP 4430 chipset with dual core 1.2 GHz Cortex A9 processor. So, you can expect a very powerful performance.

  • Shaheer_ahmed33

    is there any bugs or something .. i wana be sure to update it 

    • Kapil

      We would suggest you to check out the official development page of this rom linked in the guide above… you can go through the user comments there to have a good view of this rom.

  • Lumber_22jack

    is this gonna work?

  • Maeks

    If i don’t have a SD card then!?

  • Jokers478

    How to boot into recovery mode?

  • Bopanna8


       iam getting error while updating
    assert failed:file_getprop(“/system /build.prop”, “ro,build fingerprint”)==MOTO/XT910_RTBG/umts_Spyder:2.3.6/6.5.1-167_SPU-15M2/1326788504:user/realse-Keys||     File_getprop(“/system/build.prop”. “ro build ,Fingerprint”)==MOTO/XT910_RTGB/umts_Spyder:4.0.3/6.E:Error in /tmp/sideupload/
    (status 7)Installation aborted.
     pls send me solution


  • Nxaviercg


    I have few questions. i have a new Motorola RAZR XT910. When i go Settings -> About phone, the system version is 651.73.240.XT910,Rogers.en.CA , can i upgrade my phone to ICS with the steps you post here, or i shouldnt try to do it?

    and the other questions: if your answer to the other question is yes (that i can upgrade it following this post), should i root the phone before or after upgrade it?


    Ill be waiting you answer

    • Motorola4life

      The post says it will not work on Rodgers. (PLEASE READ)

  • Alchymoholic

    Can you not just use voodoo to restore the root?

  • Sameer_ali46

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  • Omar

    me too,,, i am getting the same error and aborting!?!?

  • mueen

    i m getting error 7… n its aborting////