Motorola QWERTY Slider Phone Spotted, Should be Heading for Sprint

Motorola QWERTY Slider Phone for Sprint

Looks like QWERTY slider phones are going to stay with us for a little more time. Just a few days ago we saw Samsung’s SGH-T699 QWERTY slider phone for T-Mobile, and now another slider phone has leaked in a picture and this time it’s from Motorola, for Sprint.

We’ve no information about the phone’s specs or anything ─ not even the code name. So we’re going to make guesses based on the leaked picture above.

So first thing ─ OS. It runs on Android 4.0 we all can be sure about it, but what looks surprising to me is the On-screen (software) keys setup (Yeah, I’m pretty sure those are software keys there). But the phone is supposed to be used by the hardware-keys fans, so that’s a weird bit. But who are we to judge, maybe hardware-keys guys find the software-keys stuff good. After all these guys gotta change some day, what do you say?

Among the other things that we can pick up from the picture above are:

  • a front facing camera,
  • qHD display (probably),
  • a five row full QWERTY keyboard with four arrow keys
  • Blur UI
  • And a Sprint Music player app (which proves it’s for Sprint)

The screen size could be either 4″ or 4.3″. My guess is 4.3″, as it has soft keys on screen. And the processor could be Qualcomm’s last generation dual-core S3 processor, since it’s going to be a mid-level QWERTY phone for Sprint.

What are your guesses about this phone? Let us know in the comments below.

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