Motorola Moto G4, G4 Plus and G4 Play Firmware [Download and How to Install]

moto g4 plus play firmware

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Find the stock ROMs or firmware for Motorola Moto G4, Moto G4 Plus and Moto G4 Play here. While we’re trying out best to cover as many firmwares as possible, not all firmwares from all regions are available.

Hence, it’s very much possible that the firmware you are looking for may not be available. You have to download the firmware as per model no. of your device, and also matching the carrier if applicable. But matching the model no. is a must.

If the latest firmware is not available, but a previous one is available whose Android version is same (like, Marshmallow 6.0.x), then download the old firmware and then look for the OTA update to get to newest update.

Moto G4 / Moto G 4th Gen

Model no. 1621

Model no. 1622

Model no. 1626

Moto G4 Plus / Moto G 4th Gen Plus

Model no. 1640

Model no. 1641

Model no. 1642

Model No. 1643

Moto G4 Play

Model No. 1607

  • Firmware not available at the moment.

Model No. 1609

  • Firmware not available at the moment.

How to Install Firmware

Well, there are two ways to install a firmware on Motorola devices. One uses a software called RSDLite, and other one uses command line, wherein you input the commands manually to install each component of the firmware on device’s partition manually.

For the RSDLite method, look at the guide available at this page. While, for the command line method (works better than RSDLite method), check out this page.

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  1. Sumit says: Reply

    My model number is xt1641 which file to download. There are 4 of them and i don’t know which one to use.

  2. vinayak says: Reply

    my mobile can not work wifi,sim sloat,celluar etc.
    my mobile is moto g4 plus xt1643 model please help me

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