First Motorola ICS Phone to be Powered by Intel Medfield Processor [Rumor]


The rumor mills are buzzing again, like they always do when we get closer to one of the most anticipated event in the mobile device industry — the MWC. The current buzz is around mobile giant Motorola, and some leaked images of a new phone which seems to have Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich installed, rumored to be going to have “Intel inside

It’s said that this currently unnamed unknown device will feature Intel’s new Medfield platform which is supposedly more powerful than anything else that is currently in use. As you can see above, the device resembles the Droid Razr in its form. And what is also evident is the absence of any buttons on the front, which tells us that it is likely to ship with Ice Cream Sandwich, which is also suggested by presence of 3 ICS-ish on-screen buttons on the leaked pic above. So, is the first Motorola phone with Ice Cream Sandwich pre-installed?

This development, if true, would be quite important for both companies — Motorola as well as Intel. Motorola is yet to launch an Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich powered phone (although they will be updating some of their high-end Gingerbread phones to ICS pretty soon now). And Intel, over the years, has not really been able to make it’s mark in the mobile processor market which is being ruled by the likes of Qualcomm, Samsung, Nvidia and Texas Instruments. Other details on specs are not clear at this point, but we do think it may be possible that Motorola could make an announcement later this month at the Mobile World Congress.

We may well be on our way to see the “Intel Inside” logo on the back of smartphones soon!  So what do you think of this new development? Share your thoughts in comments below. Do you think Intel’s Medfield processor will be take it on with current crop’s best processor in Exynos, by Samsung?

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