Motorola Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich Custom ROM — ICS4BIONIC


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  • Eglowtech

    Phone wont activate. It looks grea but I can make it work

  • ts

    any reason for failed activations?

  • Jburns08

    Hi, everytime I try to run safestrap it tells me ‘process com.hashcode.bionicsafestrap has stopped unexpectedly’  Any ideas on why this would be?  Is there a setting on my phone I’m missing?  Cheers! and thanks for the awesome ROMage!

    • Jburns08

      nvm got it working.  Might be helpful for newbies like me to add a 1st step as rooting your phone.  Now enjoying awesome ICS!!

      • Kapil

        Thnx.. and umm, point noted (kinda knew but still, will definitely give it one more thought).

    • Richard Harris

      I got the same error before I rooted.  Are you rooted?  Use the new Motofail exploit to root easily.

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