Motorola Droid 4 Specifications and Features Out!

The Motorola Droid, which will always be remembered as one putting Android OS on the very forefront of smartphone industry back in 2009, will soon have its 4th successor in Droid 4 out. In fact, the rumors and leaks department has already churned out a rather convincing spec-sheet of the Motorola Droid 4. Check the Droid 4 Specs below, it’s got what you missed in Droid 3, for sure and it would exceed your expectations for sure.

We know Droid 3 isn’t that old — in fact, barely 3 months have gone since it launched — but it also hints to specs-hardcores you can’t expect too much of a change in specs: it’s still a dual-core device, with some additions and improvement that Droid 3 lacked: LTE, for one and the new Droid RAZR inspired refreshed design, for two and lastly, there is lots of goodness of Droid RAZR which you’ll drool over instantly.

Droid 4 Specifications (yet to be confirmed, though):

  • 4-inch display [While Droid 3 had a moderate qHD display, Droid 4 is rumored with a rather impressive Super AMOLED display]
  • 4G LTE — that’s want you wanted to hear, right?
  • Yep — your favorite 5-row full physical sliding qwerty keyboard with the top row dedicated to numbers
  • The design has gone undercharge this time with Droid 4, borrowing almost everything — except for the slider keyboard, of course — from the upcoming and already-much-anticipated phone, Droid RAZR
  • Droid 4 is 1080p video recording capable — most probably, there’s a 8MP shooter in the Droid 4’s back side. Yes, there is a front facing camera too — maybe or maybe not, it’s the same we’ve in Droid RAZR which Motorola touts as HD front facing camera
  • HDMI out is there, too, as also MotoACTV syncing
  • Android 2.3.5 — we know you would want Android 4.0 now that it’s out but a Gingerbread version of the OS is understandable. And we’ve no doubt Droid 4 will get Ice Cream Sandwich some day via an update
  • Battery is not removable, like the Droid RAZR
  • No processor has been rumored, for now, but looking at how closely it resembles to upcoming Droid RAZR — in fact, it’s not wrong to say it slider variant of the Droid RAZR itself — we think it will get RAZR’s 1.2GHz OMAP4430 dual-core processor — which is all nice.

That’s all good and in fact, those who love qwerty keyboard phones must already be salivating hard in front of their PC/laptop/smartphone/Droid/whatever.

But you know what, I’m missing a rumor on its thickness. The Droid RAZR is super-slim at just 7.1mm and I think even if a regular keyboard is added to this, it should be able to become world’s slimmest qwerty phone, ever — something around 10mm is what I would wager it with. Don’t you think it would be the slimmest qwerty phone, undercutting the regular qwerty phones by a huge margin, like the Droid RAZR did? After all, that title deserved one solid phone to lead the line, and competition, for long.

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