[How To] Motorola Defy and Defy+ Android 4.4 KitKat Update is here!


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  • Christian Henning Brevik

    And the Wifi is not working

  • Christian Henning Brevik

    There is no HOME Launcher included. I don’t have a home screen nor a menu-app so I can’t access any apps. Just Settings..

  • Spongebob

    Please update the gapps link!

  • Vineetz Kcan

    After reboot my mobile freezes on the motorola logo. Need help

  • Amit

    There is a mistake in the above guide.
    Step 5 is wrong. You cannot reboot your device after wiping System. Please don’t do this before installing system.
    The correct step is
    1- Factory reset
    2- Flash Update recovery.zip
    3- Flash CM/Rom.zip
    4- Wipe data/dalvic catche(optional)

    5- Enjoy

    Please note that if you fails updating system partition, do not press reboot button. Wipe data again and try once more. If it fails again, restore your TWRP backup file.

    If you won’t do this you will need to flash your mobile using RSD Lite.

    • Vineetz Kcan

      Hi Amit, I read your comment now. I had followed step 5 and I dont see anything working on my mobile. It freezes on the motorola Logo. Please help !

  • Gabriel

    Is this rom stable?

  • alexandre

    the third link (google apps) is not working, can u help?

  • DefyOwner

    It also isn’t only for MB526 (Defy+)…

  • CA KS

    Very nice explanation I was frantically searching for. I was not lucky to find this article before I did my installation. I had to scramble the steps from xda website. I wish link to this article on xda dev site will be helpful for many like me.

    Please mention bugs also as this Kitkat ver for defy(+) has many bugs like continuous green LED, no playstore etc.
    Also how to go back to CM 10.2 or JB 4.3. Because now I feel to downgrade and upgrade after a while when stable version is out.

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil


      I’ll try and find you way to downgrade.. but will need time. Okay..see you.