Motorola Atrix 3, Codename MB886, Clears FCC. Coming Soon to AT&T

Motorola Atrix 3

The latest device to clear the FCC gates is the Motorola Atrix 3, destined to AT&T. There has been no official announcement from either Motorola or AT&T, but the leaked pic had enough proof – hint: the logo on front beneath the display – that it would marry none other than AT&T’s networks, and the minute details from FCC golden pages further confirms that.

The Atrix 3 is also known as Motorola Dinara, and the FCC listing tells us of its model number too, MB886, which makes sense – the earlier predecessors had similar numbers: MB860 (original Atrix) and MB865 (Atrix 2).

Atrix 3’s FCC documents talk of AT&T compatible bands and usual measurements of the devices, which is not very useful indeed, but the event alone indicates that the Atrix 3 would launch soon on AT&T having impressed the FCC guys for clearance already.

For anyone looking to upgrade to new phone at AT&T, the Atrix is sure a device to watch – it looks set to come with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and its default on-screen keys, pretty impressive Qualcomm S4 dual-core processor with support for LTE speeds and a 720p HD display.

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