Motorola Atrix 2 Pics Leak, Again!

AT&T Atrix 2

Said to be known as Edison in Moto Quarters and destined at Atrix 2 for AT&T, this upcoming Motorola device has once again leaked out in the open sun posing more than couple of times in front of camera.

Be sure to check these latest pics of Atrix 2 below, which in spite of being a successor to Atrix 4G, lacks any game-changing specs as one would expect from it.

First off, it’s rumored that Atrix 2 won’t have newly launching LTE support at AT&T, and will make-do with carrier’s HSPA+ network. This might dampen the mood of some people who would like to taste LTE on their next upgrade with Atrix 2.

Though, it would have a bump in camera to 8 MP (Atrix had a 5 MP cam) capable of 1080p recording; and a dual-core processor, which we hope is TI’s latest processor that Google has chosen for next version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the OMAP chip, with further hope that it’s clocked at 1.5 GHz (Atrix was the first dual-core phone in US clocked at 1 GHz).

New Atrix 2’s back cover is different from the original one — it now has textures painted over it, which is the same trick same used in Galaxy S2 over Galaxy S1.

While original Atrix had many features which were new in smartphone arena, Atrix 2 certainly doesn’t have that sort of specs in offering (maybe, 1.5 GHz TI OMAP processor is one such thing), and lacks the enthusiasm that Atrix had generated. Moreover, with only an improvement in processor and camera to boot, we’re not sure if it even deserve the ‘Atrix 2’.

That said, Atrix 2 is expected to launch with Android 2.3.5 onboard — which is minimum you’d expect from phones launching later this year, by which time Android 4.0 will be out.

Oh, these pics leaked out, have fun.

Atrix 2 Android Phone Atrix 2 Software Atrix 2

So, anyone looking forward to it? Despite AT&T launching its version of Galaxy S II soon — which we voted as  world’s best android phone only recently? Have your thoughts heard in comments below.

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