MIUI for Atrix 4G Now Available


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  • Aya

    Had it for 2 days now. Worst problem is no incoming and outgoing call were able to run as normal, every time I tried to answer my phone, it crashes. Some apps also not working well, crashed. Screen on game play had serious lagging and “double” image. UI is not bad

    • Voyageur_dude

      I installed it a couple of days ago and had the same problem, even re installed it several times and almost gave up, but then i decided to look around the menus and settings, and found that open the phone sign, then click the menu button, then choose settings and then un-check “Enable Proximity Sensor” that what makes the phone screen goes black after dialing a number or receiving a call…so far the phone is working great.

  • Frank

    Looks beautiful on my Atrix, but it’s early in the development cycle, there are a number of bugs, as would be expected. Camcorder doesn’t work, as noted in the article (it tries to work, but it keeps freezing up and force closing). Plugging the USB to my PC for memory card access causes my Atrix to spontaneously reboot. Can’t access my external memory card from MIUI’s file manager app or from Astro. Can’t wait for these to get ironed out, because the ROM is gorgeous with a great interface.