Grab MIUI 4 for Your Kindle Fire — It’s There!


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  • Ron

    My Problem:

    I tryed to install ROM and now my Kindle stays in “booting” all the time. I can get to TWRP and reinstalled my stock Kindle Fire Backup, when I got the Kindle. Everytime I try to reboot in the stock Kindle backup it freezes in “booting”. I have tryed to reinstall drivers, and twrp from Kindle Fire Utilities, but it everytime I reboot it freezes in “booting”. The only screen I can acess is the TWRP…..Help

  • Stefan Umrath

    My problem is I get stuck after the installation of the rom… after the reboot my kindle goes to normal mode an hangs on the “kindle fire” logo. I don´t think it´s doing anything on this screen.

    By: Wait good 20 mins for the first boot. Once the Fire has restarted you’ll be presented with MIUI 4.

    Did you mean I have to wait vor 20 minutes until the “kindle fire” screen changes and android starts?

  • Jrjbertram

    Have tried following these instructions a couple times now.  I find that I get stuck at the fire fire fire boot screen (triangle with fire icon) and the tablet seems to hang.  Screwing around with Kindle Fire Utility, I was able to recover by reinstalling TWRP, and then restoring my backup.

    Could this procedure somehow be overwriting TWRP?  Using KFU 0.9.3 to install TWRP 2.0 (not sure what version of FFF that installs).  Possible version incompatibility?  Any ideas?

    • zeli

      I got the same problem…

      I’d like to try a “couple times” as you but can you give me a link on what to do on Kindle Fire Utility because I’m still stucked on fire fire fire boot screen.

      Thx a lot for your help

      • Jrjbertram

        On kindle fire utility, just reinstall twrp. After that you should be able to at least get back to twrp, at which point I used twrp to restore my backup. Then I think I may have had to change the boot mode back to normal from kindle fire utility, but don’t remember for sure.

        • zeli

          Thx a lot man !

          I have a fresh new kindle fire lol.
          Just have to solve the “why miui rom doesn’t work” and it will be perfect :D

          I’ll do everything again except for the rom. I’ll put a cyanogen.
          If it works then the problem comes from the ROM, if not, then it’s from the installation process

          Thx again, I knew there was something to do but can’t figure what coz the device didn’t want to load on recovery mode. Now I understand why… :)