Microsoft Releases Popular Xbox Game, Kinectimals, on Android

Kinectimals for Android

It may have taken Microsoft a lot thinking to finally decide upon making Apps and Games for Android, but there efforts turns to be fruitful. The recently released Xbox Live Android App was wonderfully good at its purpose, and now this new game, Kinectimals, sets Microsoft to the path of bringing quality games to Android.

Kinectimals is a popular Xbox game that’s so much fun to play with Kids and with Kinect on (using gestures). You can cuddle with the cubs, rub their back, do everything that’s playful to those sweet little animals just by making Gestures on the Xbox version.

The experience on the Android version is similar to that of Xbox, except the gesture stuff. Which you don’t need anyway, since you’ll be holding phone close already and you can flick your fingers across the screen making the little ones loving it virtual-faking with you. And kids? I bet they’re going to love it too.

Kinectimals for Android is available for $2.99 on the Play Store. I haven’t tried the game myself yet, but reviews suggest graphics are good and the game itself is processor intensive, so expect your phone heating up a little while you (or your kids) fall in love with the cubs.

Download → Play Store link ($2.99)

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  1. Gotta give it a try!

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