Meet the ZTE Athena. Takes Crown of World’s Thinnest Smartphone at 6.2mm


The race to the thinnest smartphone just got a lot more exciting, as a device codenamed “Athena” from Chinese manufacturer ZTE has been teased to be the thinnest device out there at just 6.2mm thickness. No, you’re not dreaming, the ZTE Athena is all too real.

And if you think they might have made some compromises on the specifications front, think again. The Athena will feature a 720p display, a Cortex A-15 processor (it will be multi-core according to sources), and up to 64GB of internal storage. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will be running on the device with the custom “Miflavor UI” on top. The device will also be available in several colours.

One would think they can’t go any “thinner” than that, but just yesterday I wouldn’t have thought 6.2mm was possible either. It would be better if manufacturers focused on other things such as putting in more battery power (are you listening HTC?) than going down the “I’m the thinnest!” route, but maybe that’s a different race altogether that shall come into existence in the future. For now, let the drooling begin!

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