Make Phone Calls on Nexus 7 Android Tablet Using Google Voice [Hack]


You probably know quite well that the Nexus 7 supports only Wi-Fi and has no other data connectivity such as HSPA or LTE. So naturally it has no support for making calls, right? Turns out there is a way you can make calls from your Nexus 7, for free and all over the US by using Google’s own Google Now app that comes with Jelly Bean.

With a few simple steps, you can start getting free calls and as well as make calls for free to anyone in the US using Google Now over Wi-Fi. The procedure works on all ROMs, stock or custom, though it does require root access to make the necessary changes to set up incoming/outgoing calls. If you aren’t rooted already, you can use this toolkit to do so.

It’s so amazing to see the community come up with such useful modifications that let you get the most out of your device. So if making free calls sounds useful to you – there’s no reason it won’t – head for the official modification page on XDA for the full procedure and start making those free calls today! No hidden charges, well, except for your data charges, but who cares about those on Wi-Fi anyway?

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