Make Calls With AT&T Galaxy Tab [Full Guide]


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  • Trafalgar

    Will this hack work with a T-Mobile sim?

    Will this hack work on any 7″ Galaxy Tab?

    Thanks in advance for any replies

  • Jim

    I am a newbie to Android, but a techie at heart. Just coming around late to this OS. So as someone about to take the plunge on a tablet I have several questions about the TAB and modifying it (restoring a feature) for voice.

    1. Currently I have an AT&T voice and grandfathered unlimited data plan on my 3 year old win mobile phone. Will that SIM work?

    2. Does this alter the SIM in way or form? Can it still be used in my phone? Swap at will?

    3. This mod not only gives me the ability to make voice calls, but also allows me to use the 3G data from my SIM? Goodbye to another monthly charge for data?

    4. Have not bought a TAB yet. Is there different versions? Do I need to buy a certain 3G version? Wondering because Costco sells them, but I think they are promoting Verizon as a data carrier.

    5. Anybody have experience using a foreign SIM, like in Hong Kong or China? I travel to Asia on business and sometimes carry two phones. Having one SIM in the tab would save me from that mess.

  • Shivam

    I’ve updated the post with instructions on how to restore stock AT&T firmware on Galaxy Tab. Good Luck!

  • anthony

    How Do i undo it ?

    • Mackoy Alfaro

      Hi people, I have heard a lot of comets about a lost 3g conection after this modificaton. Can you plese check well if when we activate the voice call won’t miss our 3g Data conection. Thanks and sorry for my English, I’m from central america and I’m practicing

      • Mackoy Alfaro

        By the way, I’m ussing a 3g chip whit data conection and voice call from Costa Rica (ICE CELULAR), so I can send and recive sms but can’t make voice calls