LG Nexus 4 spotted in Carphone Warehouse inventory listing

LG Nexus 4

A new Nexus device has been spotted in inventory listing of UK based retailer Carphone Warehouse. The device is named ‘LG Nexus 4’ and is listed in Black and White color which is generally the choice of colors Nexus devices come with.

The name ‘LG Nexus 4’ can be related to the naming pattern of Nexus 7, but that brings out a horrible thought of a new 4-inch Nexus which is impossible (or say not worth being possible). So lets put it this way — the next Nexus smartphone would be the fourth Nexus phone in the family, and hence the name ‘Nexus 4’.

We’ve been hearing a lot of rumors on the LG Optimus based Nexus phone lately and the leaked pictures from yesterday confirmed the existence of device. However the model of the phone wasn’t clear in the pictures either. It was labelled as “Jelly Bean on Mako”, which only revealed the device’s codename ‘Mako’.

Check out the full rumored LG Optimus Nexus Specs.

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