LG Nexus 4 India release date pushed to mid-January

LG Nexus 4 for India

Looks like Android enthusiasts in the Indian sub-continent are not going to get any joy as far as the Nexus 4 is concerned, any time soon. It was originally expected that the Nexus 4 would make an appearance in India sometime in late November-early December, but that doesn’t seem to be happening now.

Saholic, an online retailer in India, had confirmed earlier that the Nexus 4 would surely be available for purchase starting December 1st, though no pricing was revealed, which is the case even now. But with stocks getting delayed in Europe, and with the device already showing as Sold Out on the US Play Store, where customers can buy directly from Google Play, it is unlikely that other non-Google Play regions would be receiving stock any time soon.

While die-hard Android enthusiasts in India, who understand the true value of a pure Nexus device would be willing to wait for as long as it takes to get their hands on it, the delay might cause some others to move on getting a different device. Pricing is not confirmed yet for India, but going by the fact that the European retail pricing was said to be around 600 euro outside the Google Play Store, Indian users can expect to shell out INR 30,000 Р40,000 for the Nexus 4.

We’re keeping our radar finely tuned for any updates on the Nexus 4 availability for India, and will surely keep you guys updated as we hear more. You can also check the Saholic listing for the Nexus 4 from time to time to see if anything changes.

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