LG G5 Nougat update: Release date confirmation; new H860V10K update (build V10K)

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Update [October 18, 2016]: BIG NEWS!! We now have a tentative date from official column regarding when the Android 7.0 Nougat could be released for the LG G5 users worldwide. News comes from Australian carrier Optus, who have this on good record that LG is targeting a mid-November 2016 release for G5 Nougat update. Exact date? Well, not available. But it’s nice to hear a tentative date not that we’re sailing in October, right?


For the record, LG has already had a trial rollout of Nougat in Korea to some handful of users. Right now, we’re yet to see anyone of HTC, Samsung, LG and Sony to release the Nougat update, but we’re guessing HTC will beat LG to Nougat update, as it doesn’t seem very far now for the HTC 10. Also, Samsung has been testing the Nougat update too for its Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Also, the H860V10K update that released today.

The build V10K is now available for the global LG G5, with software version H860V10K. We don’t have it available for download yet, but keep an eye on this page as once the firmware is available, we will put up the download link here. As regards what’s changed, well, device’s functionality and usability has been given a boost. See in the screenshot below.


Update [October 06, 2016]: We know the news from T-Mobile (given below) must have got you excited as they just confirmed the Nougat in preparation by LG, but right now, all we got is Android 6.0.1. And AT&T is releasing a new update identified as build H82011n towards its G5 users, that is based on 6.0.1 of course, and brings the September patch level to the device.


Update [September 29, 2016]: T-Mobile just let us know that the LG G5 update is bring worked upon at LG, which is obvious given that they have already rolled out for few (2000!) users in Korea, but T-Mobile acknowledging this means something. One, communication is taking place between the two, so expecting the next stage of update at T-Mobile, ‘T-Mobile Testing’, looks more likely than without any confirmation by T-Mobile about the very first stage, dubbed as ‘Manufacturer Development’. Let’s hope the Android 7.0 Nougat update releases by December end.


Update [September 28, 2016]: LG G5 is receiving a new update in Canada, at Rogers Wireless at the very least, which the carrier says is a Wi-Fi calling maintenance release. We expect LG to also pack in latest security patches too. As the update is already available as an OTA, sure smash the Check for update button now in the Settings app to see if it’s ready for your device.


[September 22, 2016]: Verizon has released a new update for its G5 too, and it comes as build VS98714A, still based on Android 6.0.1 naturally. Although some odd 2000 G5 sets are running Nougat in Korea, it’s yet to hit outside of that region. The update adds ‘Fast charging’ message to device’s screen when connected to certain USB Type-C PD 2.0 chargers. Not that it brings fast charging now, it was already there, but now it properly mentions it, like it should have from the beginning.

(September 20, 2016): T-Mobile is updating the email app for its LG G5 sets, doing so via an OTA update carrying the build no. as H83010i. Nothing much on the update, though, if you want the OTA to manually install it yourself, you can get that here (thanks Fenopy!).

With the release of Android Nougat on nexus devices, the anticipation winds are blowing faster than ever. For the LG G5 users, 7.0 update is available in Korea, albeit only to some lucky small no. of users, which kind of spreads an uneasiness over the rest of G5 users worldwide. But it’s an awkward scenario for the US Cellular LG G5 users, who just received the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow as build US99212a, only now, almost 10 months later than 6.0 went live for Marshmallow users.

The US99212a update is available as an OTA, so to install it, simply head over to Settings, and look for the System Updates menu therein. Check for the update, and when you are eligible, your device show it as download.

That Nougat update is available in Korea for little no. of users is a good sign, of course, as LG looks to woo Android users with its faster Android updates — even though it’s whole software package is a mess, in dire need of help — but until there is a mass rollout of the Nougat update for international users, we can’t say for true that LG is first to release Android 7.0 outside of Nexus devices.

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Let’s talk about the whole LG G5 Nougat update status for a while.

LG G5 Nougat update release date

We think LG should be able to release the Android 7.0 update for its international (including European and Asian users) LG G5 users by the end of next month, September 2016. The Korean company already has a good 7.0 build ready with it — good enough to be installed on some Korean G5 sets — and that is already getting it all important feedback on its Nougat update’s performance, battery life and issues and bugs, if any.

If the feedback is good enough, and requires minimal bug fixing which is normal, then LG can become the first OEM to release the coveted Android Nougat updated in September. And that would be quite a feat!

Moreover, as Google has also confirmed to us besides LG’s earlier announcement, that LG V20 will be the first device on the planet to rock Android Nougat right out of the box. Given that V20 releases on September 6, company is sure to have a stable build ready by August’s end for its V20, if not already, and optimizing it for LG G5 shouldn’t prove hard with all the feedback coming off from small release of Nougat update in Korea done already.

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AT&T LG G5 Nougat update

Expected release date: December 2016.

AT&T LG G5 would, in our guess, be receiving the Nougat update in the last, after all G5 sets around the world. Because, the carrier is known to be very pathetically late in testing, approving and releasing the update.

If you want a date though, well, hold out for December 2016, and only if we get lucky, the update could hit AT&T LG G5 users by November 2016.

Sprint LG G5 Nougat update

Expected release date: October 2016.

When it comes to software updates, Sprint rarely disappoint now a days. It lagged behind others a lot few years back, but since Lollipop, and continuing with Marshmallow, the carrier has been prompt with software updates.

If we are expecting the international G5 users to get to grab the Android 7.0 Nougat update by September, then extra testing at Sprint should result in delay of the update later than October 2016. Otherwise, definitely in November, Sprint G5 users should get the taste of Nougat.

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T-Mobile LG G5 Nougat update

Expected release date: October 2016.

Like Sprint, T-Mobile is well known for quicker Android updates when compared to other US carriers. So, it should be able to release the Nougat update for its G5 within 30-40 days of the same update releasing for international G5 users. Which means, around October 2016.

Verizon LG G5 Nougat update

Expected release date: November 2016.

Like AT&T, Verizon isn’t the quickest carrier on earth when it comes to releasing Android OS updates quickly. Though, it isn’t the worst performer like the second largest carrier in US (hint: AT&T), and that’s why, we would look for the Nougat update for Verizon LG G5 in November 2016. With luck, it could be October ’16 but it shouldn’t be later than Nov.

US Cellular LG G5 Nougat update

Expected release date: Q1 2017.

Given that it took quite a while for LG G5 users at US Cellular to see a day in Marshmallow on their device, we don’t have high hopes for Nougat update.

We would hold out for January 2017 when Android 7.0 should release for US Cellular G5 users, but it could easily stretch out to March 2017. God only knows!

Canada LG G5 Nougat update

Expected release date: October 2016.

T-Mobile and Canadian handsets share the same internals, only that it’s available at different carriers. Their update timeline too, thus, matches for most times. Hence, October 2016 looks to be the release month for Canadian G5 users. For more on this, read the T-Mobile G5’s section above.

What do you think about the whole Nougat update release as regards LG G5? Do you think the release dates would be different than the one guessed above? If so, share your expected release details with us in the comments below — we definitely won’t hate to be corrected on this.

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