Latest Popular Trend on Google Plus is…. #BoycottApple

Not full 24 hours have passed since Apple was granted preliminary injunction by a US court, a trend — big one, you know — #BoycottApple has already started on Google Plus making the (right) point that people simply hate the legal things Apple’s been doing all around the world against android devices and that, unless Apple stops doing this, a definite bunch of people would simply want to boycott the company’s products altogether.

A bunch of people may look very small here, but considering that these are power users of internet and gadgets (it’s Google Plus users we are talking about, you know), and they are those who mostly recommend to many many people on which gadget to buy and not, this could get influential in long run.

And dude, the Google Galaxy Nexus is hardcore smartphone users’ favorite device. Just when Google has blown the world with its massive all-time-great unveil of Google Glass, cementing on the Google’s efforts on innovation, all Apple has done is come up with an injunction to pro-user favorite device, the Galaxy Nexus. That’s not cool, man — even for users who like Apple and have been appreciating company’s products for so long.

What’s your view on this?

And hey, do check out the #BoycottApple link here, many pics goodies there!

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  1. Nicholas Loomans says: Reply

    You, Sirs, just got followed.

  2. The Google Glass trailer was a fake with a helmet cam. I won’t believe anything about them until I see the real thing. The helmet is seen at 1:28 in the trailer as a reflection off the truck. However, Apple isn’t the only guilty one. ALL the tech. giants make legal waves of this nature.

    1. Dave B says: Reply

      Who cares if a little magic was used to make the video. They wanted you to see how the final product would benefit the individual wearing it. The device hasn’t been invented yet. Relax.

      1. Nitin says: Reply

        I don’t get this. I saw the live demo of Glass on Google I/O. Dint appear fake to me.

    2. You didn’t see the IO live, did you? The trailer you saw was of this rehearsal that they had. They repeated the whole act again during the IO.

  3. John Morris says: Reply

    I have been SO anti-Apple for so long and it is making me horny how the world is finally catching up! yes!

  4. Danita says: Reply

    Boycott Apple, damn straight! I recently purchased my 1st android. Apple has enough revenue, past-present-future, they need not try to rain on all of our weekends! Enough already! Can’t the courts intervene & stop these money mulching monsters? Apple has wonderful products; do they not realize that their greed may at some point make some people with a conscience buy anything but Apple. I can’t understand why they let their greed overpower all human morals, the one thing we learned in kindergarten is to share! Must be republicans! GRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!!!!

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