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Latest Popular Trend on Google Plus is…. #BoycottApple


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  • Danita

    Boycott Apple, damn straight! I recently purchased my 1st android. Apple has enough revenue, past-present-future, they need not try to rain on all of our weekends! Enough already! Can’t the courts intervene & stop these money mulching monsters? Apple has wonderful products; do they not realize that their greed may at some point make some people with a conscience buy anything but Apple. I can’t understand why they let their greed overpower all human morals, the one thing we learned in kindergarten is to share! Must be republicans! GRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!!!!

  • John Morris

    I have been SO anti-Apple for so long and it is making me horny how the world is finally catching up! yes!

  • http://twitter.com/BeckUpdates Joseph Beck

    The Google Glass trailer was a fake with a helmet cam. I won’t believe anything about them until I see the real thing. The helmet is seen at 1:28 in the trailer as a reflection off the truck. However, Apple isn’t the only guilty one. ALL the tech. giants make legal waves of this nature.

    • Dave B

      Who cares if a little magic was used to make the video. They wanted you to see how the final product would benefit the individual wearing it. The device hasn’t been invented yet. Relax.

      • Nitin

        I don’t get this. I saw the live demo of Glass on Google I/O. Dint appear fake to me.

    • http://about.me/vignesh.mukund Vignesh

      You didn’t see the IO live, did you? The trailer you saw was of this rehearsal that they had. They repeated the whole act again during the IO.

  • Nicholas Loomans

    You, Sirs, just got followed.