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Samsung sure seems intent on keeping its flagship Galaxy S2 smartphone at the top of its game by providing regular Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) Android 4.0 firmware updates for it. The latest ICS firmware to come out for the S2 is XWLP7, following up after the previous XWLP2 firmware.

Now, as with XWLP2, XWLP7 is primarily aimed at the Russian region, and though it can be flashed by users in other parts of the world too, if you’re not in Russia, it’s best to try the international XXLPQ firmware which we covered → here

Read on to find out how you can flash the XWLP7 Ice Cream Sandwich firmware on your Galaxy S2.


This firmware and the guide below are compatible only and only with the Galaxy S2, model number i9100. It’s not compatible with any other device, including US variants of S2, the Epic 4G Touch, T-mobile Galaxy S2 and AT&T Galaxy S2 along with Skyrocket. Check your device’s model number in Settings» About phone.


The methods and procedures discussed here are considered risky and you should not attempt anything if you don’t know completely what it is. If any damage occurs to your device, we won’t be held liable. 

Pre-Installation Requirements

  1. This procedure will wipe all your apps, data and settings (but it will NOT touch your SD cards, so don’t worry about those). Backup your Apps and important data — bookmarks, contacts, SMS, APNs (internet settings), etc. This Android backup guide would help you.
  2. If you have Samsung’s PC software Kies installed, un-install it first because it may interrupt the flashing process.
  3. Drivers! — it’s important you’ve the proper drivers installed. Download links below.
    32 bit (x86) Windows |   64-bit (x64) Windows

How to Install XWLP7 on Galaxy S2 i9100

  1. Download the XWLP7 firmware.
    Download Link  |  Filename:  |  Size: 416 MB
  2. Now, extract the downloaded file (from step 1) to any folder, you’ll get these 2 files:
    1. I9100XWLP7_I9100OXELP7_I9100XXLPS_HOME.tar.md5
    2. SS_DL.dll (simply ignore this one)
  3. Now, download the Odin software which you’ll need to flash the XWLP7 firmware on your Galaxy S2 i9100.
    Download Link  |  Filename: Odin3 v1.83.exe
  4. Power off your phone and also disconnect it from PC if it’s connected, and don’t forget to keep phone’s battery above 50%, just to be safe. After the screen goes off, wait for vibration to confirm complete switch off.
  5. Boot Galaxy S2 into Download Mode in order to flash the XWLP7 firmware using Odin. For this, press and hold these keys together: Volume Down + Home + Power, you’ll get a Warning! screen.. press Volume up to continue to enter download mode.
  6. Open Odin (from step 3) — double-click the Odin3 v1.83.exe.
  7. Connect your phone to PC now. You should get the message “Added! !” under Odin’s message box in the bottom left. If you don’t get this message, then probably there is a problem with drivers. Make sure you’ve proper drivers installed. See point 3 above under Pre-Installation Requirements.
  8. Now, click the PDA button in Odin, then select the I9100XWLP7_I9100OXELP7_I9100XXLPS_HOME.tar.md5 file you obtained in step 2.1
  9. Important! Do not touch any other button or make any other changes in Odin except selecting the required file as given in step 8.
  10. Now, hit the START button to start flashing XWLP7 firmware. When the flashing procedure is finished, your phone will automatically reboot — and when you see the Samsung logo, you can safely unplug the cable. Plus, you’ll get a PASS (with green background) message in the left-most box at the very top of Odin.

    IMPORTANT Note: If ODIN gets stuck at some stage and doesn’t seem to be doing anything, do this — disconnect the phone from the PC, close ODIN, remove battery, re-insert it, turn phone on in Download mode again, and do the procedure again from Step 6. Same if you get FAIL in Odin.

  11. In case you encounter any roadblocks flashing XWLP7, let us know in the comments below and we’ll try to help you out.

You have successfully updated your Galaxy S2 to XWLP7 Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 firmware. Let us know in the comments how it works out for you.

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  1. solomonsright says: Reply

    Why don’t you ever support flashing roms with CWM?

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      For cwm, you will have to wait till someone makes one flashable rom. While, firmwares are ready for installation from Odin right from the launch/leak, so we prefer it.

      But since you’ve asked, I think it would be better to update the post later when cwm rom is available for a given firmware, with only root and busy box added — odexed and deodexed.

      1. Naveed Anwar84 says: Reply

        how can install ice cream sandwich on my galaxy S2….

        1. Kapil says: Reply

          Use the guide given on this page –
          That will install Ice Cream Sandwich on your S2 i9100.

          1. ashish says:

            my phone is stuck in odin mode….it just shows sownloading…do not turn off target!!!its been an hour…

          2. sandeep says:

            how u sloved it?

  2. Cross says: Reply

    Just wondering, does this one works with i9100T.. I’m quite new about this thing

  3. Nopoints says: Reply

    when is th ics os coming to the us for t mobile 

  4. BeijingBoy says: Reply

    Just bought my Galaxy S2 i9100 (2.3.5) in Beijing, no idea when China Mobile will push the update.
    Found this site, backed up and followed youe directions. Fantastic!! Now sitting on 4.0.3.

    Love your work!


    1. Kapil says: Reply


  5. J Rawand says: Reply

    hey guys, I installed this firmware on my SG II GT-I19100, but the wifi was not working good, it didn’t open neither play store nor google map, but it opened the browsers as opera and others. and when the screen goes off , the wifi and the wifi signal went off with it, that’s why I try to install XXLPQ, hoping not to encounter the same problem, thank you guys.

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Reboot to recovery mode and do factory reset. And make sure you added the correct password, try to ‘forget’ the WiFi network from settings, and then enable it again by filling the password again.

  6. Rob_austells says: Reply

    Can I ask a daft question???  Does your phone need to be unlocked to flash these firmwares?  I am sick of waiting for T-mobile UK so was thinking of this firmware but as I am new to this, I didn’t know whether your phone had to be unlocked or whether it would also work on network locked phones?


    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Hey, don’t try this on U.S. Galaxy S2. It;’s only for international Galaxy S2 i9100. Yours is not i9100 if you bought it in US from any carrier. Better check in settings – about phone – look for model number, it has to be i9100 for your phone to be compatible.

      1. Tiger52 says: Reply

        Thanks. In settings – about phone it is i9100.  As far as i can see it is an internationsal galaxy s2. It is a UK phone – network locked to T-Mobile UK.

        1. Kapil says: Reply

          Okies, go ahead then. Cool.

      2. Tiger52 says: Reply

        Thanks for all your help.  Just waiting for my phone to charge and then going to give it a go.

        1. Kapil says: Reply


  7. Tiger52 says: Reply

    It says above that this firmware is for russion region.  Will the flashing process be the same for this firmware

    I9100XWLP7 4.0.32012 AprilI9100XEULP5United Kingdom / Ireland

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Yes, the flashing procedure is same for the firmware you are looking to install —
      I9100XWLP7 4.0.32012 AprilI9100XEULP5United Kingdom / Ireland

  8. Alister Haseldine says: Reply

    How long should the flashing take?

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Not more than 10 mins at all. If you are still stuck, let us know, we’ll be glad to help you out.

  9. Michael S. says: Reply

    Hi to all,

    I have just installed  XWLP7 version on my SGS2 i9100 and it works great (so far).

     – Wi-Fi is perfectly connected
     – 3G UMTS internet browsing (HSPA) works perfect
     – Camera works ok
     – Bluetooth works ok
     – Browser works faster (this is what I see) on my device (in XXLPQ version it was not good..)
     – Skype works perfect

    those are the issues I have tested until now.
    Thanks for people who posted this version and description.

    Before XWLP7 version – I had some problems with the March official Samsung’s version XXLPQ:
     – my number was not available some times, people was not able to reach me with the voice calls
     – browser worked slower than now
     – I had some strange problems with the GTalk – people was not available permanently, 
       until I write message to some person from the GTalk contacts list.

    Michael S. 

  10. It is telling me that I need to set up the software update but when I click to approve of it and everything it says that it fails. How do I fix that?

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      If you have rooted your phone, I guess you can disable it. So, have you have rooted it?

      1. I just followed the steps above. I am pretty new to all of this so I am not 100% sure what I really did. 

        1. Kapil says: Reply

          The above steps don’t include root guide. It’s a separate thing. Basically, root voids your phone’s warranty but gets you root access of the phone, which let’s you use root-requiring apps like Titanium Backup (all time favorite root app), rom manager, install clockworkmod (cwm) recovery, etc.
          Basically, you can use rom manager to freeze/disable the software update thing on your phone using rom manager app (which requires root), and that will remove that annoying thing in the notification bar.

        2. Kapil says: Reply

          To root your Galaxy S2 on XWLP7, you can use the guide here:
          To get warranty back (and annoying software update thing in notification bar), and remove the root, simply reinstall the XWKP7 firmware back, using the guide above.

          Btw, where are you from and what’s your carrier?

  11. Sharbaz says: Reply

    if the flshing fails… then will we get back the s2 to original state??

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Yes you can go back to Android 2.3 easily — flashing is similar for both ICS and Gingerbread.

  12. its shows 

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    I9100XWLP7_I9100OXELP7_I9100XXLPS_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:46)..
    File analysis..
    after this does not happen anything.. 🙁 i tried 2times.. i also wait for  10min.. but nothings happened… what to do ??????

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      See step 10 above, there is a solution for that there.

  13. Pavan says: Reply

    could you please tell wil be the screen looks like when entered into the download mode?

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Odin mode would be written at the top left.

  14. Pavan says: Reply

    its shows
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    I9100XWLP7_I9100OXELP7_I9100XXLPS_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:46)..
    File analysis..
    after this does not happen anything.. 🙁 i tried 2times.. i also wait for 10min.. but nothings happened… what to do ??????

    1. Abhijeet Mishra says: Reply

      Change to another USB port and redo the whole procedure. Like it says in Important Note under step 10, you have to remove and reinsert battery and redo everything including reopening Odin.

  15. amar prasad says: Reply

    i have a galaxy ace, flashed a firmwares successfully with odin on it, but still wanna are there any chances of phone getting bricked?? and this error people getting is it quite common? plz reply asap, plan to shft to ics 2day

  16. Sandeep says: Reply

    Tried updating to ICS for the galaxy S2 in India ..using ODIN as suggested above.. followed all the steps but this is where it remains even after 6 hrs with the phone showing the android icon and saying downloading…

    Added!! Enter CS for MD5.. Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable.. Please wait.. I9100XWLP7_I9100OXELP7_I9100XXLPS_HOME.tar.md5 is valid. Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully.. Leave CS.. Odin v.3 engine (ID:4).. File analysis.. SetupConnection.. Initialzation.. Get PIT for mapping.. Firmware update start.. boot.bin

    Even through Kies the firmware starts upgrading and gets stuck for hrs together at the point where the phone says downloading with the android icon on the screen..

    What is going wrong here… is there a problem with the S2 online update file of ICS for India .. Please help

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Hey, if you are still stuck with this, let me know.
      It seems there was a with drivers, or Odin itself. You can try the new Odin3 v3.04 –

  17. bnbalu says: Reply

    Great!!Works like a Charm.Thank you.Haven’t tried the features yet but the Flashing went by without any Errors or Issues 🙂

  18. bnbalu says: Reply

    Great!!Works like a Charm.Thank you.Haven’t tried the features yet but the Flashing went by without any Errors or Issues 🙂

  19. Gulesh says: Reply

    Please, don´t you know where I can find the latest Android for Czech Republic? This topic is great and clearly understandable…thank you for that…

  20. Zainab says: Reply

    What is different between firmware XXLQ5 and XXLPQ and which one is the latest firmware for android 4.0.4?

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