Latest Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread Upgrade for Samsung Fascinate — USFC27


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  • asish

    it work fine but when i insert sim and try it got self started again and again

  • KJY2010

    hmm worked perfect for me. not sure wtf everyone else is whining about?

  • FYI

    The other commentators were not kidding, do not flash this with a Verizon phone. There are clean, stock Verizon Gingerbread 2.3.5 ROMs out there for you if you want that, never mind ICS or something more advanced.

    This WILL screw up your data if you install it on a Verizon phone. However, the damage is not permanent. You need to call Verizon and just say you have been having problems with spotty 3G (no need to mention ROMs) and they will fix it. I still recommend switching to a better fit ROM even if you do that.

  • hello

    be aware.  not for verizon fascinate sch-i500.  it’s for c spire showcase model.

  • Alfredlwis

    c spire logo and samsung logo keep coming up (looping).  phone is not completly booting up. 

    • Kapil

      Remove battery for 4-5 seconds… then place it back. Boot to recovery mode and do factory reset from there. Then, reboot the phone.

  • Grayday

    Flash appears to be for C Spire service provider, not Verizon.  I now have no 3G. Can you help?

    • HopefulSimpleton

      Grayday, have you had any luck with your 3G issue? I have the same problem and can’t find any resolution. After I installed USFC27 I did have some poor 3G reception. I tried dialing *22899, which forced closed, and after reboot I lost 3G entirely. Of course, I didn’t do this until I completely configured my phone, so I would hate to flash a different firmware. 

    • Justin Alan DiMuccio

      call verizon ask for a level2 tech and he can help will have to tell him what you did