Google CEO Larry Page Highlights Android 4.0 and Android Tax Issue

Speaking at the earnings call, Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page said Android 4.0 (called Ice Cream Sandwich) is incredible and people will find it hard to believe what Google has managed to get done in it. Well, we welcome and hope BIG surprises there.

Other than that, Mr. Page also said few words about so-called ‘Android Tax’ situation, where companies like Microsoft and other big patent-holders are trying their best to squeeze some dollars out of each android device sold, from the manufacturers of these devices. And adding to that, the fact that Apple has managed to ban Samsung’s android tablet, Galaxy Tab 10.1, in Australia and Germany, Mr. page said Google is looking to clean up the legal and patent issues harming android’s super growth. Lets hope the clean up is done soon and it turns out very well for Google and Android, and thus to average consumers.

In non-Android stuff that happened at Earnings call, Google announced their Q3 results with $9.72 billion in revenues and very impressive $2.7 billion in profits. The mobile business, that is mobile search and ads, contributed cool $2.5 billion to the total revenue, which is amazing and validates Google’s earlier estimate that mobile business will get very important in future. And the 190 million total android devices activated thus far has surely contributed to that. Lastly, Google+ has hit the 40 million subscribers mark!

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