Kindle Fire Hacks

Kindle Fire Hacks

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The Amazon Kindle Fire runs a completely modified version of Android 2.3 ─ so modified that one can hardly say it’s an Android tablet. And that’s why I’m creating this page, the awesome developers in the Android development scene are going to make the Kindle Fire breath like a true Android tablet.

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Below is the list of Kindle Fire Hacks:

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It may happen that you know of a great hack for Kindle fire that’s not in the list above, so in that case, please leave a comment on this post to notify me. I’ll try to post it asap.

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  1. The kindle fire looked so hopefully and looked like it did so many different tasks but then a heard about all the things that it couldn’t do because of the operating system that was hardly android.

    1. Angrydroid says: Reply

      A then a derp herp.

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