jkAppSwitch Android App: Better Way to Switch Between and Stop Opened Apps Right Away!

jkAppSwitch android app

Multitasking is great on android but one has to used it cautiously, otherwise your mobile phone’s battery takes a blow out of it. That’s why we like the jkAppSwitch android app, which lets you move easily between the apps with nice switching options while also giving you the option to kill the opened apps not required, right away.


  • Lists all opened apps to switch from one app to another
  • Tap to switch to the app or kill/stop running apps by selecting the relevant option from the bottom bar of the pop-up
  • Option to disable the ‘Home’ in the list — Oh! we won’t bother about it, really. It’s better you keep it ticked, so that switching to Home is always easy
  • Option to confirm your decision when stopping app(s)
  • You have the option to change the appearance by selecting the effects to be used for background

Well, it’s a decent app overall and you should try it if you are not happy with the default way of switching between apps and also need a better option to stop the running apps, that are draining your battery without any manners.

Compatibility: Supports all versions of android OS except Froyo. So, if you are using Android 2.2, Froyo, it’s not for you, sorry.

Get this mobile software for your Google phone from the android market for FREE.

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    Check Out Perfect Task Switcher, i think it is more efficient.

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