Jet Car Stunts Android Game: It is Poised to Become your Favorite Game


Jet Car Stunts is a action packed racing game with speed, intensity and maximum racing. Tracks, Tricks, Jumps and hoops, only derive you from getting social, once you’re plugged in.

If you are not a hardcore gamer to rock your phone with a $2.99 costing just launched super-graphics game, Dungeon Defenders, or your phone just doesn’t meet the minimum requirements of the Dungeon Defenders, there is another game we found launched today that would interest you more than anything else today. And that’s Jet Car Stunts racing game. $1.93, if you’re already wondering.

Jet Car Stunts sits you in a jet fuel powered car, to reach the finish line before your tank goes empty. It’s definitely one cool game you should buy if you’re looking for months of entertainment and willing to spend $1.93 on your android phone.

There are 3 play modes: Platforming (25 levels), Time Trials (11 levels) and Tutorials.

No doubt, there is plenty of fun inside the Jet Car Stunts. The 3D graphics are appealing and the tracks and tricks add more beauty to the game. The game is speedy and intense, and the overall experience of the game is just nothing short of awesome. We would recommend it for both casual and hardcore gamers.

By the way, there are no opponents in this game, you have a time or track to beat. That’s intuitive, if you ask us and as regards who’s the best player, the game lets you post your scores to openfient, which keeps track of scores worldwide, your friends too. You can even upload video of ‘replay’ of your race.

Jet Car Stunts Racing Game

Download Jet Car Stunts

Latest Version: 1.02

Cost: $1.93

Size: 20 MB approx.

Compatibility: Android 2.1 and higher

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