Jelly Bean headed to Samsung Galaxy S3 in Canada on December 3rd


Good news for everyone who has bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 in Canada, the sweet taste of jelly beans is soon headed your way. Samsung Canada has announced on its Twitter account that the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for Canadian Galaxy S3’s will start rolling out on Monday, December 3rd.

Samsung didn’t mention which carriers would be getting it first though, so expect the update to come later than Monday if your carrier isn’t on the list of those getting the update on Monday, though with the way Samsung has been pushing Jelly Bean to the Galaxy S3, we can expect all the carriers to have the update ready in the next week or two.

With just AT&T and Verizon left in the US and Canada getting the update next week, it won’t be long before Samsung completes the Jelly Bean roll out to the Galaxy S3 all over the world, while HTC is only just getting started with the One X.

Well done Samsung, well done. Now maybe we could get started with Android 4.2?

Via: Phandroid

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  1. Krotow says: Reply

    Did Samsung fixed WiFi disconnection problem in this update? See I thinh, Samsung must scrap all further 4.1.1 OTA for S3 and roll out worldwide 4.1.2 OTA instead. At least WiFi bug in 4.1.2 kernel is fixed.

  2. disqus_dALV8O83qn says: Reply

    Correct, Krotow!
    Also Samsung should stop to sell defective phones with Android 4.0.4 where WIFI is not working!

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