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Jelly Bean AOKP Build 4 now available!


Once they get going, there’s no stopping them. The AOKP team has released build 4 of the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean based custom ROM for all officially supported devices, following up from build 3 just a week ago. The plan of getting out a major update every week seems to be working pretty well, as is evident from these fast updates that the team is now pushing out.

Build 4 brings along the following new features:

  • Custom NavBar Ring on tablets
  • Force dual panel view on any device
  • Flip or shake your device to snooze/dismiss the alarm (check alarm settings)
  • Take screenshot from NavBar
  • Enabled USB mass storage emulation for certain devices (i9*)

Some new devices have also been added to the officially supported devices list. From build 4 onward, the US Cellular Galaxy S3 (d2usc), AT&T One X (evita), and ASUS EeePad Transformer (tf101) will get official AOKP releases, so that owners of these devices don’t have to wait for unofficial ports of the ROM.

According the AOKP release page, build 4 of the ROM will wipe all data on the Samsung Galaxy S, Captivate, and Vibrant, so if you have one of those devices and are upgrading over a previous build, make sure you take a backup of everything on the phone.

Hit the link below to grab build 4 of AOKP ROM for your officially supported device. As always, unofficial device owners will have to wait for the ROM to be ported to their device. Do let us know how it works for you!

Download AOKP Build 4

  • saduna

    this is awesome, it is more stable & fast compare to the previous version

  • Cristian

    Has anyone installed this ROM, are there any known issues?

  • Grhensley

    Will you please port to evo design 4G

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