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Jelly Bean for Acer Iconia Tab A100: Install CyanogenMod 10 (10) Based on Android 4.1.1


Following in the footsteps of the Iconia A500, the Acer Iconia Tab A100 has also received a preview build of CM10 based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean by XDA Senior Member waydownsouth, with 90% of the hardware already working according to the developer despite CM10′s early development stage, similar to CM10 for the Iconia A500. CM10 combines Jelly Bean’s features – a smoother interface, smarter keyboard, advanced voice recognition, improved and actionable notifications menu, etc – with CyanogenMod’s proven performance and customization options.

NOTE: The ROM is a work in progress and hence may have bugs and issues present in it, along with a few things that may not work properly. Also, do not expect to see many customization options of CyanogenMod to be present in the ROM right now as CM10 is in its early stages.

Here’s a list of things working/not working currently, quoted from the development page:


  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • Storage
  • Sound
  • Camera
  • GPS (Hax)
  • 2d/3d acceleration
  • HDMI video
  • HDMI audio

Not working:

  • H/W rotation lock (gh123man is currently porting the code to jb)
  • will add more as we discover them

Let’s take a look at how you can install CM10 based on Jelly Bean on your Acer Iconia A100.


This ROM and the guide below is compatible only and only with the Acer Iconia Tab A100. It’s not compatible with any other device and may render an incompatible device unusable. Check your device model in Settings » About tablet.


The methods and procedures discussed here are considered risky and you should not attempt anything if you don’t know completely what it is. If any damage occurs to your device, we won’t be held liable.

How to Install CM10 ROM on Iconia Tab A100


  1. This procedure will wipe all your apps, data and settings (but it will NOT touch your SD cards, so don’t worry about those). Backup your Apps and important data — bookmarks, contacts, SMS, APNs (internet settings), etc. This Android backup guide would help you.
    Important! Don’t forget to at least make a backup of your APN settings, which you can restore later if your data connection does not work after installing the ROM. Use the backup guide to find out how.
  2. Make sure you have ClockworkMod recovery installed on your tablet.
  3. Download the latest version of the ROM from the official development page.
  4. Download the Google Apps package. This will install apps like Market/Play Store, Gmail, etc. which are not present in the ROM.
    Download Gapps  |  Filename:
  5. Copy the 2 zip files downloaded in steps 3 and 4 to the SD card on the phone (do not extract them).
  6. Turn off the tablet. Boot into ClockworkMod recovery by pressing the Power button while holding the Volume Up button till the device boots into recovery, then let it go.
    In recovery, use the volume keys to scroll up/down and the power key to select options. 
  7. Select wipe data/factory reset, then select Yes on next screen to confirm. Wait a while till the data wipe is complete.
  8. Then, select install zip from sdcard, then select choose zip from sdcard. Scroll to the ROM file on the sdcard and select it. Confirm installation by selecting Yes – Install on the next screen. The ROM will start installing.
  9. After ROM installation completes, select choose zip from sdcard again, then select the file to install the Google apps package.
  10. After the installation is complete, go back to the main recovery menu and select reboot system now to reboot the tablet and boot up into CM10. The first boot will take some time, up to 5 minutes.

CM10 based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is now installed and running on your Acer Iconia Tab A100. Check back on the development page for further updates and more information on the ROM. Let us know how it works for you, in the comments below.

Iconia A500 owners can try out CM10 based on Jelly Bean → here.

  • Alden

    Question, is this an enhancement for the android o/s, or a replacement o/s? I’m looking to boost the performance of my Acer a100, and am trying to figure if this is it. Please forgive my ignorance if so.

  • TexAz

    Step 6 does not work, cannot booting A100 into recovery, it just starts up as normal. What now?

    • Christian Uy

      Is your A100 rooted? If it isn’t, do it. Then install a custom recovery mod. Google them.

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