Is that Leaked Out Official Gingerbread ROM for Droid X? No!

Droid X Android 2.3 Leak

If you got nothing else to do, tease yourself with an alleged Gingerbread ROM for Motorola Droid X, without the BLUR on its face. Yep! it’s hard to believe it as a leak of official work — you know, Motorola wouldn’t just leave the its self-loved custom UI BLUR behind after proclaiming its success only recently. And we are more inclined to tape it as some sort of launcher app re-work on a custom ROM and that.

The ROM has by the way, already been linked to some developer’s work, called the ApexROM, edited and sorted to make it a neat BLUR-less Gingerbread (look-alike) ROM. Well, such a work is not that hard for the spontaneous and rigorous developer community that sits under the hood looking over the unofficial development that we like, totally love.

So, the chances this ROM, bearing build no. VZW-TestKeys-280657 and baseband version BP_C_01.09.07P, coming outta official VZW/Moto quarters are very very slim and that you may have to wait longer than this for android 2.3 on your Droid X – -which isn’t insane, since even Nexus S is yet to launch and the Nexus One is yet to update.

Sure, check out the video, and amuse yourself of some developer work right below.


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