Install Tablet UI on Galaxy S. Thanks to Team Inferno!


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  • Guest

    This rooting and changing ROM continually for little difference in serviceability seems an awful lot of work and risk for often very little gain! Seems that almost every flashed rom has some bugs in it or GPS doesn’t work, or camera stops working or some other problems. What is the benefit to all this work? Especially with all the comments from users who have tried and failed! I understand that some Google services such as Wallet and Movies do not work on rooted phones also. Every time you have to reload your apps and sometimes your APN’s. Dont see any real benefits after all this. If it so easy to do, why is no-one running a business offering to do this “rooting” for all and sundry at a small fee. If it is so good, they would be wealthy very quickly.

    • Jamie White

      They wouldn’t, they’d go bust very quickly. You answered your own question, “if it’s so easy” why is no-one charging a fee to do it for others? Because it’s so easy they can do it themselves. Why would they bother paying?
      However, the first part of what you say is completely true. They all have broken bits and pieces and you have to backup and restore all the time to get your apps and settings back, but thats the price we pay for bleeding edge. If you want the future now before it’s ready, it isn’t going to be perfect but it’s worth it for adventurous people.

      • Kapil


  • Too-Small

    Everything is way too small. i tried to find LCD Density so that I could grow Icons bigger but didn’t find it. Overall ROM is good and smooth but looks really matter.I am back to my Dark Knight :(

  • Jamie White

    I love it! I Love IT! I have a fetish for tiny fonts, I enjoy utilising all the space and not wasting it.
    Thank you so much for all your flashing guides, there hasn’t been one that I didn’t try and when it went wrong someone had already gotten a solution for me from you :)
    I just wish, all these new ROM’s allowed me to access my service provider, but for some reason they don’t register/recognise/find (or whatever the word would be) Virgin mobile.

  • Marco

    Works perfect!, though it’s very small and when I hold my phone up the screen doesn’t fit. But it’s all very smooth. Am impressed! ;D