Install Stock Android 4.0 Keyboard on Galaxy S3, Should Work with Other Devices as Well


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  • McLovin

    Excellent article. Consise, accurate and best of all this method worked for me on my Galaxy SII from Virgin Mobile.

  • Shawn Moultry

    Tried the Android keyboard for a couple of days, but like Swype Beta so much better. Lazy I guess.

  • Danny Brodzik

    Thank you so much! I just got a new HTC phone with Android 4.0 which of course comes with Sense and its own keyboard… I like Sense, but I am not crazy about HTC’s keyboard. This was exactly what I was looking for!

  • Cody Hampshire

    Thank you! Day 2 from a Nexus S to the GS3 and I was about to fling an otherwise beautiful phone into a brick wall because of the awful Samsung keyboard!

  • GeofW

    Ahhh, much better, thanks

  • Matt

    @Piper, I totally disagree about the iPhone bit. I’m a convert from the iPhone to the S3 and let me tell you, I could mash out perfect sentences at twice the speed as I can on the Galaxy. It corrects to words that are so dissimilar its not funny, and to top it off, if it doesn’t figure out a word, it makes up a gibberish word that will then auto correct every time you type that combination of words. I have to clean my dictionary out Twice a day to get rid of words like theb (Then) and hahs (haha).

  • ballszack

    Thanks, works like a charm including dictionary!

  • EllCee

    Keyboard installs but the spell check function does not work on my at&t s3

  • Piper

    Thank you for this! Reminds me of the keyboard that I used on my Samsung Fascinate. The keyboard for the Samsung S3 is so bad, especially the text prediction. It’s way too much like an iPhone. No wonder they have so many autocorrect issues, right?

  • drj

    Thank you!

  • edcorey

    Works great. Instructions were good. This is my first Android (Galaxy S3) and the typing was horrible but now it is much much better. Thanks for posting this.

  • ballsWEREsucked

    awesome…worked just great for me! the samsung keyboard sucked so many balls

  • TheGarrBear

    Worked Great for me! Just dragged and dropped onto my phone from the computer download and It was good to go!

  • A

    Success! It’s been an annoying few days with the Samsung keyboard having switched to the Galaxy SIII from the Nexus S, but I’m happy to have the Android keyboard back!

  • manoj971

    System application can not be replaced. i am getting this error while istalling this .apk in gs2