Install Slim ICS on Galaxy S 4G For Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0


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  • zach

    can someone post a link on how to get samsung galaxy s 4g t959v clock work mode

  • Samsung galaxy s 4G

    installed and there was no Play store, no keyboard, no home screen, Rom Fails

    • Helper

      No, you failed. It has been clearly stated that this rom is using Lightning Launcher. You should have installed the launcher first to realize that there was, in fact, a home screen. You failed to customize it. Also if you had tested your soon to be new home screen, you would have known that that there was a hide app feature allowing you to know to show hidden apps and find the Play Store and all of the other hidden apps.

  • Ryan Chung

    When I open ROM Manager And I Click On “Flash ClockworkMod Recovery” I cant find the Galaxy S 4G Option

  • Frank Ortiz

    I have done this one my GS4G and it works flawlessly. Absolutely beautiful and fast. The imbedded Lighting Launcher on Slim ICS takes some getting used to, but not complicated.

    Overall must have update for your phone.

    • Nick

      Does everything work? Wifi? Gps? Bluetooth? 4g?

      • Helper

        I can’t get 4G on mine but wifi works like a charm