Install Samsung Apps Application from Samsung on Android 4.0 Rom on Your Galaxy S


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  • Jerson

    Stop all my contacts buguer..what to do to bring it back?

    • sam

      I got same error, how can i fix it?

  • Noemail

    Nope not working

  • Zapph
  • Lucian Negoiu

    Does not work for me either. I am using ICS_4.0.3_r1-RC1-i9000-reupload ; kernel3.0.8-NEO-3.0-galaxys+telus-g610e3d6-dirtybuild number full_aries-userdebug 4.0.3 IML74K eng.root,20120104.223924 test-keys

  • Allandin

    Does not work for me either. I am using Team Hacksung ICS build 15 and did exactly as described…

  • Timmason

    not working for me either, can find samsungapps file folder but it is empty. nothing in apps tray either

  • Karim

    my phones model is gti9000 which is the international version,am running teamhacksungs ics 4.0.3 build 14. i’ve done evrything as said above,three times,and i still don’t have samsung apps in my app drawer. can you please post the correct procedure coz this one doesn’t seem to work.

  • i9000

    Not working for me on cm9 from teamhacksung how can i remove this package?

  • Ionut B.

    Can i put if i running MIUI ?