Install Samsung Apps Application from Samsung on Android 4.0 Rom on Your Galaxy S

Samsung Apps

Samsung has made it clear that it won’t be updating its est-seller phone of 2010, the Galaxy S, to latest Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich. But as the android community is, custom ROMs — one that of onecosmic, and the very famous CM9 — are already out in the wilds, letting users who want to taste the Android 4.0 goodness on their good old Galaxy S.

But, with Samsung’s ICS firmware not available for Galaxy S, one thing went missing — the Samsung Apps application, that gets you some cool premium apps and games for free. And people missed it too, although one can backup his games using titanium backup and restore them on ICS rom back.

Anyway, we can confirm the Samsung Apps app has been ported to work on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Roms — CM9, and that of OneCosmic’s RC3Plus version — so those of you who have either of these roms installed and would want little usually quiet kid Samsung Apps is, here are the download links and instructions.

The methods and procedures discussed here are considered risky and you should not attempt anything if you don’t know completely what it is. If any damage occurs to you or your device, we won’t be held liable — you only will be responsible, you’ve been warned!!!

This guide is applicable only for Samsung Galaxy S international version, model no. i9000.  Check your phone’s version in Settings – About Phone. It has to be “i9000” for this hack to be compatible with your phone. If it’s not i9000, simply don’t try this on your device — don’t even think about it if you care about your Android device.

How to Install Samsung Apps app on Galaxy S Running Ice Cream Sandwich Rom

  1. Of the two versions of this app available, download the one meant for you rom:
    1. Onecosmic’s ICS rom — Download Link
    2. Other ICS rom, including CM9 — Download Link
  2. Transfer the .zip file you downloaded above to phone’s internal sdcard.
  3. You have Ice Cream Sandwich Rom already installed, with recovery. now boot into recovery mode by pressing and holding Volume UP + Home + Power till you see Samsung logo.
  4. In recovery mode, select install zip from sdcard » choose zip from sdcard and then select the file you downloaded in step 1.
  5. Now, in recovery, go to Advanced » Wipe Dalvik Cache and select Yes on next screen.
  6. Again in recovery, go to Advanced » Fix permissions and select Yes on next screen.
  7. After you’ve done this, you should get the Samsung app in our app drawer. Select reboot system now to restart your phone.

Here’s the link to development thread of this hack, do keep in touch with that page to keep yourself abreast of latest versions, changes in new versions and all that.

Let us know your view on this, in comments below.

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  1. Ionut B. says: Reply

    Can i put if i running MIUI ?

  2. i9000 says: Reply

    Not working for me on cm9 from teamhacksung how can i remove this package?

  3. Karim says: Reply

    my phones model is gti9000 which is the international version,am running teamhacksungs ics 4.0.3 build 14. i’ve done evrything as said above,three times,and i still don’t have samsung apps in my app drawer. can you please post the correct procedure coz this one doesn’t seem to work.

  4. Timmason says: Reply

    not working for me either, can find samsungapps file folder but it is empty. nothing in apps tray either

  5. Allandin says: Reply

    Does not work for me either. I am using Team Hacksung ICS build 15 and did exactly as described…

  6. Lucian Negoiu says: Reply

    Does not work for me either. I am using ICS_4.0.3_r1-RC1-i9000-reupload ; kernel3.0.8-NEO-3.0-galaxys+telus-g610e3d6-dirtybuild number full_aries-userdebug 4.0.3 IML74K eng.root,20120104.223924 test-keys

  7. Zapph says: Reply

    Neither with me… Using this Build 15…

  8. Noemail says: Reply

    Nope not working

  9. Jerson says: Reply

    Stop all my contacts buguer..what to do to bring it back?

    1. sam says: Reply

      I got same error, how can i fix it?

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