Install Ice Cream Sandwich ROM on the Samsung Fascinate — an Android 4.0 AOSP Rom


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  • Sharon

    It’s telling me I don’t have enough memory to load the new ROM. Even tho, when I ck my settings on my actual ph, I have plenty of memory.

  • Guest

    Is the camcorder fixed yet??? Please respond!!!! Also, what about USB storage? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Donna

    Hello.  Does this build address/correct the in-call volume and speakerphone issues on the Samsung Fascinate (sch-i500) ?

  • Bjferrariboi

    keeps booting to a screen that says waiting for sd card to mount. what do i do?

  • Mikelc

    I tryed twice and i got signature verification failed and instalation aborted

    • Android

      I had the same problem. You have to install CM7 first

  • Guest

    v3 Runs great, Sending MMS is not working however for me

    • Android

      The stock messenger won’t work for me, but I’m trying GOSMS and it’s sending messages, although, the contact integration seems to be off because it is not showing the names in the conversations

  • Guest

    This release [v3] is running great on my Fascinate. Can’t wait for the final polishing updates.

    • Douglas04

      If I do this and decide to go back to original out of the box is that possible? I recently took the Gingerbread update from Verizon which left me at the Samsung screen. Tried to revert to stock using the volume keys and power keys did not work either I ended up using something called Odin and was able to recover. Sorry If I sound like a noob. I would like to try this but need to know if there is a way back.

      • Shivam

        Yeah, you’ll be able to get back original firmware using ODIN.