Install Ice Cream Sandwich on HTC Wildfire using ‘SplashICS’ Custom ROM


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  • Hani Badr-El Dine

    Thanks for ur effort :)
    but doesnot exist in ur link ? so what is the solution ? i searched it also on

    ”” it is also not found plz help me ?!

  • dsuhfqw;ldsk

    Will it work on htc wildfire s

  • sachin

    My htc wildfire a3333
    doesn’t work this rom…………………
    please help me……

  • Krunal

    Should upload some screenshots!

  • Pepijn

    only the camera doesnt work

  • Pepijn

    ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  • che wan

    can u show this step with the picture?

  • stepop

    Amazing instructions buddy! Now, I’m not a developer, but someone who realized limitations of Wildfire
    and made a very successful attempt to a) root the phone b) instal ICS.
    I have to say that it IS working OK in principle, BUT I’ve encountered numerous
    probs: camera not working, apps crashing all the time, most widgets wont
    fit on empty screen and alltogether veeeery sloooow… Obviously it seems a
    Ferrari engine in the Fiat, so I am slightly dissapointed :-( Can
    anyone help?

    • Luke

      I don’t want to be rude but you need to explore the internet more :P
      On XDA developer forums, there’s a unofficial CyanogenMod9 ICS rom for the HTC Wildfire that has the camera and everything else working down to a T!

      • Sameer

        Can you please provide the link?

  • kelvinogies

    Thanks! It works
    But the camera doesn’t work.. Do you know how to fix it?0Vote up0Vote down

    • Luke

      Go to XDA Developer forums, find the HTC Wildfire Buzz forums, development and check out the Unofficial CyanogenMod9 ICS rom for the wildfire

      • palash

        i checked it and when i clicked on link then it says it is removed. plz snd me link for downloading splashICS rom

  • shailesh

    i did everything fine but when i restarted my wildfire keeps animating on boot screen its not entering in home screen i did factory reset 2 times but didn’t solved

    • Shafi

      go to Clockworkmod recovery mode
      nd clear ur phone cashe….

  • raj

    not working

  • Leandro L V Rocha

    Thanks! I did it!

    But the camera doesn’t work.. Do you know how to fix it?

  • vQXDnqBdMG

    i tried this on my htc wildfire. all went gud, but wen i rebooted the device the ICS boot screen remains idle, the coloured animation alone coming. its not entering in to homescreen. can u kindly give me a solution for this

    • Kapil

      Well, try this. Reboot to recovery mode and do a factory reset. The reboot the phone. This should fix it. Btw, the ICS rom file flashed fine, right?

    • shailesh

      I am on the same issue did u solved the problem

  • Jak

    saved it in wrong place!