Install HTC Rezound 3.14.605.5 Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 Firmware


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    Thanks you saved my but big time. Brick to slick

  • grapegummy

    rezound.. when touching phone numbers to dial it crashes and reboots

  • James

    It’s been ten minutes? What do i do?

  • James

    I’m stuck on the white HTC screen. Any solution? Was the GB zip file supposed to finished flashing in an instant or couple second?

  • Snowfreak1

    Any help with fixing this issue would be greatly appreciated! I am not able to revert back to my previous version and I’m currently stuck in a bootloop. Please help!

  • Snowfreak1

    Just did the flash and my phone now constantly reboots. Stays on for a few minute and then reboots at random. Did not have this issue with the .1 version. Assumed that this version would be a little less buggy, but perhaps not.