Install CWM Recovery and Root Galaxy Note on XXLPY Ice Cream Sandwich Firmware


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  • brendan

    i love you so much… i thought i bricked NOTE untill i found you… thank you for ur help.. u guys are TECH Geniuses

  • Mina

    Kapil …… my Galaxy Note
    build number is XXLPT NOT XXLPY
    is there a different???

  • Mina

    Kapil …… my Galaxy Note
    build number is XXLPT NOT XXLPY
    is there a different???

  • keyy

    i’ve root my galaxy note…but now my galaxy note wont me here

  • goran

    You forgot to mention that USB debugging should be enabled before doing this..

    I actually tried (forgot it myself too) and got unresponsive phone ..
    thought that I’ve hard-bricked the phone (famous mmc bug) .. fortunately
    after shutdown, unconnected the usb cable … waiting for short time
    and doing stock ICS reinstall everything worked fine .. Then I’ve
    discovered that USB debugging was turned off by default.. Now I’m on rooted ICS :)


    • Kapil

      Ouch, our bad :(

      Thanks for notifying!

    • sokhemarak

      By this method I still have Yellow Triagle in my Device.What wrong with me ?Help please

      • Kapil

        It’s okay to have yellow triangle. I ave it on my Galaxy S and Galaxy S2 too. When you a Samsung firmware back, like XXLC1 or XXLPY or ZSLPF, it would be gone unless you root it again.

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      You don’t need to have USB debugging on for flashing anything in ODIN. Odin doesn’t take any settings on the phone into account and is totally separate from the OS. Odin can sometimes get stuck at the beginning and soft-brick the phone, in which case one needs to retry, as given in the important note in the guide :)

  • mtin

    I didn’t like the rooting at all. My phone is now much slower than original samsung firmware. How can I remove or reinstall the original samsung firmware !

    if I knew that it gets slower with this root, I would never do that. very very annoying

    • Kapil

      Just install the firmware you want back. Root will be gone and it will be original Samsung firmware as you would want.

  • semi3107

    o to remove yellow triangle..

  • amith

    Is this method increase flash counter?

  • Kendratovia

     Hello, Kapil it works and the rooted method as well, now i have the
    official Samsung Galaxy Note Premium Rooted phone, I have a question, I
    Don’t understand the warning above not flashing the XXLPY its seems to
    work smooth, whats seems to be the problem?

    Last question, how can i remove the yellow triangle logo, i installed
    the Triangle Away App, but it doesn’t work, is there any way to remove
    the yellow triangle? Im using LPY

    Thanks Kapil

  • Kapil

    Alert! There is a bug on XXLPY firmware which may totally brick your Galaxy Note N7000. Read about the bug and solution here, right now. And, don’t factory reset using recovery, don’t flash anything using recovery and in fact, don’t use recovery mode at all, whether CWM recovery (that you get using Cf-Root) or Samsung’s stock recovery, do not use either.

  • 55

    i flashed the c-f root correctly but till now i can not aquire root permission or authinticate programs like root explorer!

    i hope from you to fix it

    • Kapil

      Hey, read this. And better go back to Gingerbread as there is a bug on XXLPY. Don’t flash anything from recovery mode. Don’t do Factory Reset from Recovery. Don’t use recovery mode at all.

      Read whole thing here —

  • Kendratovia

     Hello i followed the instruction for installing the official ICS for galaxy note via Odin 1.85 it was successfully Pass after the reboot i see the galaxy note logo then the samsung logo, the thing is i stuck at the samsung logo, for what i can see on my note samsung logo is blinking, what should i do please help

  • Blackford Peter

    works, no over clock though, but im happy with underclock, saves battery, works fine at 1ghz

    • Kapil

      It’s 1.4GHz by default, man. Which app you are using yo check it? Try any other app, it should be 1.4 GHz.